Monday 20 August 2018

I'm Throwing a Sale!

It's that time of year again, the time that all parents look forward to and all teachers dread... back to school!

TPT is hosting a massive sale for one day only on 21st August. Hop on over to grab up to 25% off your favourite resources - just click through the image below.

Happy shopping!

Friday 3 August 2018

And Now For Something Completely Different... And a Special Introductory Offer

For some time now I have had the idea of writing an online course. So last summer I got down to it. I bundled up the finished product and delivered it to the online platform that had agreed to market it.

One year later and I am still waiting for the online platform to deliver on their promises... Frustration city!  So , having given up on the platform that shall remain nameless,  i decided to take the matter into my own hands and publish it myself in my TPT store. 

This is an entirely new departure for me. Although my expertise is in teaching children with English as an Additional Language (EAL), and delivering training is my bread and butter, it is still a little nerve wracking to publish one's work. I have been teaching for over 12 years in a range of settings, including Primary and Secondary schools and adult learning. My current role is EAL Teacher Adviser for the County Borough which involves not only assessing and teaching children with limited English, but also training teachers and support staff, advising on EAL matters, and ensuring that support is targeted, relevant and delivered where it is most needed. I hope that you will benefit from the teaching tips in the course, as well as gain a better appreciation of what it means to be an EAL/ESL learner.

 If you have ever had to teach children with little or no English you will have experienced a range of challenges, from ensuring that the children can access your content to checking their understanding and developing their speaking and listening skills, and finally to assisting them to acquire the complex skills required to write successfully and at an academic level. Packed with teaching tips and strategies, this comprehensive course will significantly boost your confidence in teaching writing to children, especially those with English as an Additional Language. It can also be used in staff training sessions with teaching colleagues to inform their professional development.

This course is specifically suited for anyone who has contact with children with little or no English, whether in a school setting or for parents of EAL children. It is particularly valuable for anyone with responsibility for ensuring that EAL children are able to make progress in the mainstream setting, and preparing them for their academic journey. No longer worry about whether you are doing the best for EAL children in your care and feel confident with your planning, deliver and assessment.

The course is excellent value for money. It comprises an introduction, 5 full modules and a conclusion, as well as some handy quizzes to test your understanding as you work through the modules. I have had to break the course down into 5 separate resources for the purposes of meeting TPT's upload limit , but please read on for a special introductory offer. The full curriculum is outlined below.

• Introduction and Biography

• Module 1 – Setting the Scene
o Part 1 – ESL/EAL and Educational Achievement
o Part 2 – In Their Shoes
o Part 3 – Challenges
o Part 4 – The EAL Learner’s Task

• Module 2 – The Writing Process

• Module 3 – Planning for Writing with EAL Pupils
o Part 1 – Why Plan for EAL?
o Part 2 – The Cummins Model

• Module 4 – Interventions for EAL Pupils
o Part 1 – Differentiation
o Part 2 – Interventions and Accommodations

• Module 5 – Helping Your Child At Home

• And Finally..

Special introductory offer - for a limited period between 4th August and 18th August all modules can be purchased at a special price of just £5. In addition, buy Modules 1-4 and get module 5 free (just drop me a comment via my Facebook page sos-supply after checkout and I will send your freebie by email).

 Module 1

 Module 2

 Module 3

 Module 4

 Module 5

Remember - contact me via my Facebook page (sos-supply) to receive module 5 after you have checked out the first four modules. Offer valid between 4th August and 18th August only. 

And do remember to leave me some feedback - I'd love to know what you think.

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Back to School Sale

Here in the UK we have only just broken for the summer, so it might seem a little premature to be thinking about going back to school when most teachers are still in the process of winding down with a pink gin and tonic on their sun loungers somewhere in the Med... But teachers in the US are hard at work preparing for their return to school in just a week or so.

To help with preparations i am joining in with TPT's Back to School sale. For just two days everything in my store has been reduced. Along with curriculum based resources, you will find a range of resources to help you prepare your classroom and to ease your new pupils into their new routine.

First day Jitters
A bumper pack of activities for those first days back at school. Based around the popular book "First Day Jitters" by Julie Danneberg, the pack contains everything you need to settle your kiddos in and chase away any "first day jitters". The pack includes pre-reading prediction activity, post-reading discussion activity,visualisation, sequencing. story map, letter to Sarah, "My Perfect Day at School" writing activity, what's in your lunchbox? activity, My First Day Jitters,  two truths and a lie,  word wall, student v teacher venn diagram, compound words, congratulations certificate. 

Back To School Bobbleheads
Back to School Bobbleheads is a fun activity to get to know your class during the first days back to school. It also provides opportunities to assess how well children can understand and follow verbal instructions - great for children with English as an additional language!

The activity is in four parts: designing a head, designing a t-shirt, making a key and using their responses in the key to write about themselves. The answers your children give will create a design that is unique to them. 

When the activity has been completed, cut out both parts, glue together and string on bunting for an unusual classroom display. Or simply pin to a wall or notice board.

The pack contains everything you need - just print and go!

Open House/ Meet The Teacher Slideshows

Open House Slideshow - Pink and Green Owl Theme  Open House Slideshow - Pirate Theme

Open House Slideshow - Zebra Theme  Open House Welcome Slideshow

Open House Slideshow - Carnival Theme  Open House Slideshow - Kid Theme

Open House/Orientation Slideshow - Great Outdoors Theme  Open House Slideshow - Team Cheerleaders

Open House Slideshow - Giraffe Theme Open House Slideshow - Sock Hop Theme

Open House/Orientation Slideshow - Fall Critter Theme  Open House Slideshow - Snake Jungle Theme

Classroom Organisation

Great Outdoors Editable Desk/Cubby Labels and Name PLates   Fall Critter Desk/Cubby Labels and Name Plates

Great Outdoors "Welcome To Our Campsite" Posters  Great Outdoors Classroom Decor Bundle

Pop on over and check out my full range of products. Or if the design you want is not featured, drop me  line and I will create a bespoke resource at no extra cost.

Happy shopping!

Saturday 16 June 2018

Join us on TPT

Join us between June 16th and June 18th to find some fantastic deals on TPT. Just tap #celebratedeals into the search bar and watch the resources pop up. All deals are just $1 (that's around 75p).

Here are a few of my resources that you can find in the deal. Click on the images to take you straight there.

Monday 28 May 2018

One day left #Memorial Sale

Just for today get these resources for just $1.

This pack of activities aims to teach children about simple 2D shapes and colours. It is suitable for all children, including those learning English as a second language, as it includes all of the vocabulary they need to talk about 2D shapes and colours.The pack includes a variety of activities designed to engage and interest children.

This 36 page pack has been developed to help children in their school work. The activities provide everything you need to revise and assess knowledge of tenses and verbs at grades 3 and 4, and will build confidence and knowledge in essential Literacy skills.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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