Sunday, 26 February 2012

Leap into Leap Year

It's been a hectic week. School, choir rehearsal, band rehearsal - doesn't leave much time for things like the gym (although I really must get there more often..). School has been different this week. They had TASC week in my regular school when all children from K to 5 joined in. TASC stands for Thinking Actively in a Social Context. Using the TASC wheel, children had to research, plan, generate ideas, carry out the task, evaluate and present their findings. The work was wholly led by the children with the teachers just providing a steer as and when. The task was all about communicating with the local community, and the ideas the children came up with were astonishing. My class were put into 7 groups, each with a different task. One group had to communicate a message to the community through art - no words. They came up with the slogan "kill your speed" and designed and built a model of a car - half sports car, half hearse complete with coffin and flowers. A bit gruesome, but it really did get the message across... I saw them through three days and can't wait to see their finished tasks when I go back on Tuesday. Here is the TASC wheel. If anyone is interested in learning more, please drop me a line.

So here I am preparing for my French teaching tomorrow. The timetable is very tight - 7 schools in one day. Each lesson is around 40 minutes and 10 minutes has been built in for travel between schools (very tight). Nothing has been allowed for setting up and clearing away... I am looking forward to the challenge - I'll be sure to record here how it all went.

I have also managed to shoehorn in some time to work on a few resources for Leap Day. My first offering is a package of activities for the Literacy Centre, including comprehension, facts about Leap Day, a speech marks exercise, an emergent reader, some writing paper, a Leap Day poem and some ideas for creative writing. It's all up for grabs for the very small cost of $3.00, but I'm holding a Leap Day sale in my TPT store, so you can get it for 28% off at the moment. I'll also be posting a few freebies before the Big Day, so watch this space.

Happy Sunday!

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