Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Earth Day

Just a quick post in passing, as I'm expecting the boys from the band to knock any minute - we are rehearsing here tonight (in my "shed"), so it's gonna get just a little noisy...

We don't have Earth Day in the UK - or at least I've not known of any schools that make it a special day. Of course, we focus on environmental issue all the time, growing things, picking litter, thinking about what's good for the world - and what is not so good. Most classrooms recycle and compost. All in all, children are pretty aware of what it means to "Go Green". Most people are aware of the three R's - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, and they are pretty good at separating out all their rubbish and recycling their waste food into compost bins. The government has set itself pretty high targets for recycling etc.

I enjoy reusing - I think teachers are born with the knack for making treasure out of rubbish. I can recycle with the best of them. Reducing is something that I have to think more about. As a sub I often feel a little left out (ahhhhh) that I am not able to engage more with holidays, special birthdays and anniversaries and other events, and I guess that's why I tend to push all my energies into making resources for others to use. Sometimes it's hard, as a sub, turning up in a class on a special day and not being able to properly "fit". So, with this in mind, today I have turned my hand to producing a few little activities that can be picked up at any time of the day, used as time fillers or left for your Sub. Once again, they will form part of a larger pack of activities etc, which I will post as soon as it's finished (a definite work in progress, this one...!), but I wanted to share the first two activities with you now. There will be a freebie or two to follow tomorrow, but these ones are very reasonably priced at only $1 and $2.

The first one is a three-part litter picking activity - 1. the litter pick itself   2.  the sorting and recording activity   3.  designing a poster to raise awareness of how to dispose of litter properly.


The second one is a differentiated match game. Children in G1-3 have to match word cards to the correct definitions, and those in G4-5 use the word cards only, and discuss and decide upon their own definitions.


I hope you enjoy.

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