Saturday, 28 April 2012

The week that was...

It's been a bit of an odd week, all things considered.

We had a visit from the Queen - part of her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK.

After 8 months of subbing I found myself a new job - didn't see that coming...

I have been in 9 different schools, and taught around 330 children everything from French sentence building using verbs and preferences, grouping data, graphs, place value and decimals, rounding, division, letters, comprehension and Read Write Inc phonics, to the 1960s, National Parks in Wales, local history and ICT.


That was the week that was...!!!

I've had a lot to think about, and it's given me lots of ideas. Ideas for the Queen's Jubilee, ideas for Mother's Day, ideas for reading and writing, ideas for maths. I've already started to turn my mind to the type of lessons I will be teaching my little angels with little or no English language (Ana over at Ingles 360 is a great inspiration).

Some of you may remember one of my earlier posts on planting up. Well, my New England pumpkins have grown at a tremendous rate, pushing the lid off the propagator...! The Sweet Peas are following close on their heels... Tonight I transplanted all my seedlings into larger pots ready to go outside once the weather improves. Growing things is a wonderful way of teaching children all sorts of things - addition, multiplication, measuring, lengthening sentences, farming, seasons and of course, science. I might just make this my new theme...

Now that this manic week is over and I have more time, I intend to spend tomorrow checking out the Teaching Blog Addict blog and posting something of value in my capacity as one of the lucky new authors. I have already made lots of new friends and spent some time bloghopping this week. Linking in with my "growing" theme, I enjoyed reading Beth Ann's post about her visit to the greenhouse, planetarium and geology museum at Colgate College. Then there's the new spelling program that Corinna over at Surfin through Second has been working on - fabulous. And Deborah at Teach Preschool's ideas for a bird's nest in a bottle that she came up with after finding a bird's nest on a lamp in the school grounds.

So much wonderful stuff out there - I never fail to be amazed and inspired by the creativity of my fellow bloggers and their generosity in sharing so freely.

Until next time...

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