Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Shhhhhhh - A Sneak Preview Just For You

I don't know about you, but I am never off duty. Wherever I go, whatever I see or do, I am always looking for an angle that I can adapt for the classroom. Take, for example, my daily walks around the park. I have taken lots of photos and wondered whether they would be of any use to you. Then I remembered a post I saw fairly recently (sorry, I forget who wrote it...) about copyrighting issues on photos and images that are downloadable off the internet. It's crystal clear to me - share our stuff and the copyright sharks won't have any cases to pursue. So I'll soon be posting these as a free resource (I'll let you know when). What do you think of this idea? Drop me a line with your views.

There's a fabulous bookshop chain over here which sells discount books - great for us bookaholics! It also sells loads of stationery and other knick knacks. It's a treasure trove for us teachers. I was there today with one purpose in mind - to pull together my latest giveaway.

I've been eagerly checking my followers list - I'm fast approaching 100 and I'm really excited because, for me, it's a sign of approval - a sign that I must be doing something fairly ok-ish and that you are enjoying my blog. How rewarding is that! So I want to show my appreciation in a way that's just a little bit different. I hope what I've got lined up is just a little more rewarding than offering something from my store. 
So watch this space for details of my 100 Giveaway - coming soon!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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