Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How Do You Teach Phonics?

An Update

Only Tuesday and I'm already flaked out...! If I can just make it to the weekend..... Then it's just Monday and I'm on summer break until September 3rd...  But-it's-sooooooo-hard......

A few days ago I blogged about teaching EAL (ESOL) children to read, write and speak English, and the difficulties involved with using phonics. You can see my post and download a free resource by clicking the image below:

I have received some really kind comments about my Monster Match resources. It's great to have feedback from all you wonderful teachers about how you manage EAL (ESOL) children's learning - hmmmm, I feel a linky party coming on....

Without further ado, here is the second resource in the set - Set 1 sounds for letters I, N, P, G and O. All of the Set 1 sounds resources will be available in my TN and TPT stores (I prefer TN because I don't pay commission there) for the very small sum of just $1. The word family resources (when available) will be a little more, simply because they will be longer. I hope you enjoy, and please remember to leave me feedback - every little helps.


Have a fab day!

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