Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Freebie #3 and Exciting Launch of an Exclusive Freebies Club

Exciting Launch of an Exclusive Freebies Club

Firstly, thanks to all of you who have "liked" my Facebook page and are (hopefully..!) enjoying all the Hallowe'en freebies. I had such a lot of fun pulling them together for you.

Last night I got to thinking about how I could treat you on a regular basis with exclusive freebie. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my blog and my Facebook page, and that will never change. But I want to go that extra mile for all my wonderful followers and likers - all of you deserve spoiling once in a while.

Luckily I don't sleep much, and when I do it's so shallow that I'm hardly asleep - I dream up (literally..!) solutions to the day's issues.

Solution found - the new SOS Supply Exclusive Members' Club has now been launched.

My blog and Facebook page will continue to be the places where I post all my news, freebies and details of how to get hold of my resources. But as a member of the club you will be able to get a little extra. You will be able to access some freebies exclusively for you, and some in advance of posting to the public. You will also get lots of news and chat. It's FREE to sign up, so pop on over to the group now (click on the apple to take you straight there below) and ask to be added to the group. Alternatively, send me your email address and I'll add you.

I'm unsure if this idea will take off or not, but hey ho, let's give it a go!

Trick or Treat Freebie #3

Today's freebie is a set of cute bookmarks that you can give to your kiddos instead of candy - why contribute to the rot when you can encourage good reading, I say..

As always this week, they are available to followers of my Facebook page - so if you're not already signed up, rush on over and do it now. The bookmarks are only free for one day, but all of my freebies this week will be available afterwards in my TPT and TN stores at a knockdown price.

"Rockin' Teacher Materials" $170 Giveaway - another plug

I can't help myself...  I mean, have you seen it..? It's absolutely HUGE!
If you haven't checked it out yet and have a spare moment, remember to nip on over to Hilary's fabulous blog. There are so many mouth-watering giveaways up for grabs that it rivals the size of the TPT catalogue..! I'm really excited about it too because I'm donating my "Five Little Pumpkins" animated slideshow. Click the image to take you straight there.

Night all!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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