Friday, 26 October 2012

Freebie #5

It's getting closer - Hallowe'en, that is..

I like to decorate the house and garden for Hallowe'en in some way. No, I don't go all out (my daughter is nearly 18 now, and with no small kids in the house I really haven't got a good excuse for all that commercial Hallowe'en stuff anymore), but I do like to do something to get in the seasonal mood. So yesterday I went out and bought some stuff. I got me a witch's broom, a couple of pumpkins, a felt Frankenstein candy basket and a couple of pots of orange heather. Now what to do with them...? Hmm... Let me think...

Freebie #5

While I'm thinking I'll give you news of freebie #5. Today it's a Hallowe'en wordsearch - just the ticket for keeping them occupied while you arrange their Hallowe'en party... As always this week, it's available by "liking" my Facebook page, so click on the picture to take you there. Enjoy!

See y'all for more treats tomorrow.

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