Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December Currently

I love reading all the Currentlys on Farley's blog. I love the fact that Farley does this for us every month (perhaps that should be her RAK...?). I'm just a bit naughty because I have every good intention of doing mine and then something else comes along to stop me. Today I sat down and did it... Here it is...

Listening - I sing in a ladies' choir. We sang at school and reformed around 11 years ago. We are at varying stages of age and size... but the sound is the same. I'll try to post a sound clip for you to have a listen. Thing is, whenever we do a concert that is a bit short in the programme area, our MD ropes me in to sing solos. Our next concert on 16th December is with a male choir who - wait for it - only have 5 pieces of Christmas music! So guess what - I've been roped in... I'm singing Judy Garland's version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and a piece I've never sung before - "The Little Road to Bethlehem". Not a problem, except that I've gone and lost my voice this week and can't rehearse. It's so bad I'm off work.

Loving - now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the cold. In fact, I don't thrive at all. But I have to admit to having a liking for dark afternoons - there's something about shopping in the dark with the Christmas lights ablaze. As for satsumas, I can't get enough of them at this time of year. I ate 7 yesterday!

Thinking - oh, how I long for Christmases past, when things seemed to be much easier and simpler. I don't like all the hype that goes with Christmas - give me the look of excitement on a child's face any day to all the jingle jangle of cash tills. So, as you can guess, I have managed so far to steer away from shopping. I can't out it off for too much longer though - people expect...

Wanting - follows on from my "thinking". Someone to do it all for me would be grand.

Needing - I've bought the dress, but could really do with losing a few pounds (maybe 2 stone is going a bit far...). Seriously, I'm looking forward to the wedding. It'll certainly be different...!

As for my RAK, well I've often thought about stopping for people but never actually done it. I'm not sure what the reaction would be...

I'm just off to link up. See you soon.


  1. I actually like dark days, too! They're so cozy:)
    Thanks for grabbing my blinkie:))

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  2. Love your blog! Pink is my favorite color! It must be nice to be able to sing. I've always thought that would be an amazing talent to have. I have done no Christmas shopping to speak of, either. And I'm considering just doing it online. I think that would be the next best thing to a personal shopper - at least I won't have to leave my house.


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