Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Spread the Love

Happy Valentine's Day - Dydd Gwyl Hapus Falentaen Sant  

Here it is, folks - Valentine's Day. I hope you've all had armfuls of red roses and boxes of delicious chocolates and all sorts of other wonderful bits and bobs. Valentine's Day is a biggie in school, but not for me this year - we're on our half term break! But wherever you are and whatever you're doing I really hope you have a great time.

Spread the Love

A couple of days ago Debra from Primary in Idaho dropped me a line about her new Google+ community. Debra is trying  to find 365 primary teacher blogs that inspire her this year and share them on her blog. I think this is a great idea! Why not pay her a visit at her google+ community by clicking the button below.

Or hop along to her blog here - I'm sure she'd love to see you!

Primary In Idaho

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