Sunday, 10 February 2013

I've Got the Mid-Winter Blues

I'm a winter baby. Born in the middle of February when the weather is at its worst. So I suppose I should take to winter like a duck to water.

But oh no. I'm not a winter person - I hate being cold. I often wish I could hibernate for the whole winter - not sleep for a full 3 months, but just stay indoors and wait. Unfortunately that can't happen so I tend to struggle between November and February, until March brings slightly milder weather.

It's so depressing! Even Christmas doesn't cheer me up! So I was so grateful to Beth Ann when she told me about her fab idea to help chase away those mid-winter blues. I jumped at the chance to join in with her Giveaway.

Starting today, a whole host of blogger friends will be joining up to offer some fantastic prizes. I'll be throwing in one of my newest resources too. So for a chance to grab some goodies, pop on over to Beth Ann at Taming my Flock of Firsties and get that Rafflecopter busy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
See you there!


  1. Your post really hit home! My birthday is mid January and I despise winter! I often talk about hibernating too and then the real world calls. LOL Found your blog through Google+ and am now a follower! Happy Birthday! Spring is coming soon! I'm off to check out the giveaway! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  2. LOVE your blog!!! Super cute! Thank you for following me. I am your newest follower!


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