Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hunting for Numbers

I can't believe Easter is almost upon us! Now, weather in my part of the world is never particularly good - when it's not raining it's snowing!  But by now we've usually got rid of the white stuff and spring flowers are normally pushing their way through. Not so this year. As I look out of the window the snow is flurrying around. We still have remnants of the snow that fell last Friday. And the north of the country has (and still is!) had it bad. Farmers hare having to dig their sheep out and cars have been buried in snow drifts. Not to mention my poor hanging basket of spring Polyanthus - all done in by the frost they are...  Very unseasonal.

I get a lot of comfort from reading your posts, as many of you seem to be experiencing the same freak weather. Perhaps it's a sign that we'll have a heatwave in the summer... I can but wish...

So, with Easter around the corner, here's a little something that you can use in your maths centres to practise (yes, I know - it's UK spelling...) number bonds. I know from experience that some kids have trouble recognising two numbers that go together to make ten (even thought the little honeys have - oh, wait for it - 5 digits on each hand... Doesn't that make 10..?). They have even more trouble making 20 from a one digit and a two digit number. And don't talk about making 100..! This pack helps them to do just that. It's three packs in one - bonds to 10, bonds to 20 and bonds to 100, although each pack is available separately if you prefer. You can download from TN by clicking the first picture, and TPT by clicking the second.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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