Monday, 25 March 2013

Where's Wally?

Yes, I suppose you could call me a wally. I've not posted properly for a while and I couldn't blame anyone for wondering if I was playing a very convincing game of hide and seek with our stripey-hatted, bespectacled friend. Believe me, although it may have seemed otherwise, I was never far away. For those of you who missed it, I dangled a little freebie on Saturday, so be sure to hop on over and munch it up.

So what's news?

OK, here goes. I think I'd better do it in list form as it may go on a bit.

Mia - the best "meerkat" in the world

It's been a busy few weeks for Mia. Here she is all in pink at her prom:

Following that, she had her A Level Drama practical - a scripted piece and a devised piece. They were all fantastic!

And last night? Well what a night! Mia has been going to performing arts school since she was 3 and a half (I don't even want to think about adding up the cost of 14 years of fees...!). The performing arts school has branches all over the UK and wider, and over 1000 performers came together last night to put on a performance of Cats to mark their 25th birthday. Now, that must have taken some organisation...! Here's the view from our seats in the arena (it's a bit blurry as I'm frightened of heights and we were close enough to the ceiling to almost touch it!):


So meet your secret Rock Chick! It's no secret that I do a bit of singing on the side. My friends here will know that I've really only touched on the choral stuff (of which I must post a little snippet sometime). Some astute reader from way back when I first started this blog may remember that I also front a rock band. Yes, I know - you couldn't get further removed from choral singing!

The band started twenty years ago, and shortly after I found out I was expecting Mia. I cannot begin to describe the fun we had with the band - or how bizarre it looked with a lead singer who was a very large 8 months pregnant... We were called "The Touch". We decided to go our separate ways (bit difficult as the lead guitarist was my brother!), but 17 years later we reformed with the original line-up. We are still having fun but we're doing our sort of music now. We're now called "Cellar Dwellers". Here we are in action:

Since the name  change I've been busy redesigning our "look". This is us now:

I'm really pleased with the way our blog and Facebook page turned out. Here they are if you fancy a peep:


Snow, Easter break and lots of Freebies

It's been so cold here that I just haven't felt like moving about much. It's PJs and furry slippers for me as soon as I get through the door. It's British Summer Time on Sunday, but we're still having snow! It was like a scene from Narnia in Birmingham yesterday. The daffodils started to poke their heads above ground - and promptly pulled them back down again! So cruel... I started my Easter break on Friday and I'm hoping the weather will warm up - just a few degrees will do. It also doesn't help that I'm on a diet, so no comfort eating here. I crave chocolate soooo much!

With Easter break here, I now have some tie to settle down and get my head around my to-do list of products. I have a load of stuff planned for Easter that I want to offer as freebies. Teaching Blog Addict will soon be 2 years old and we are planning a huge celebration - loads of freebies. Pop on over and check it out.

And finally, a quick reminder that the Educents website launches on April 2nd - just 1 week left to sign up and bag your free $10 gift card. You can register by clicking on the Educents button at the top of the right hand column here.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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