Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Peek at my Week

Here's a belated peek at my week. I've been meaning to upload the photos for a while but haven't seemed to find the time.

All of my children are at different stages of learning English. Some are new to English and are still in the "silent period". Others are able to communicate verbally and are just starting to learn how to structure very simple sentences. Others are good verbally, and can read, but often have difficulty interpreting what they read and have trouble with grammar. Here are a few activities that we did before the end of term.

Colouring by HF words (you can find similar activities in my shops - a free short version and a longer version at a small cost)
The children loved these Easter activities.

Practising ir and er words

Sorting words according to spelling pattern.

Some of the children find it tricky to recount what they have heard or read. We read "Maria Goes To School" (Reading A-Z). Then we sequenced the events in their correct order. 

I'll try to do this more quickly next time...

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