Sunday, 28 July 2013

Great Outdoors Freebie #2

Second freebie from my Great Outdoors classroom decor set posted today. I love these desk mates! They're a great reminder of what each group is doing, and are a fantastic visual prompt for the children. You just laminate, fold down the middle and place on tables. There's one for every eventuality - working with my teacher, working with a helper, working independently, working as a group, working on our own, and they come in a variety of designs, all matching the other items in my Great Outdoor series.

I've got a sneak preview file just for you. Beaver on down to my freebies page to download it. Freebie #1 is still available there too.

The whole bundle is available in my TPT and TN shops and I'm currently offering a discount of almost 25% on the individual prices. Or you can get the whole lot for free! Click here for more details.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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