Monday, 19 August 2013

London Baby...

 Joey Tribiani's immortal words always stick in my mind when I'm in London. I just can't get the image of him stepping into the pop-up map of London out of my head! Or wearing that silly Union Flag top hat...

I could go on -and on - and on. Don't you just love Friends? I admit I miss that show.

London is 124 miles from where I live - not too far in the great scheme of things. But it's still an occasion to go there. The last time was June 1st when I went with Mia to see Green Day (Awesome!). And we got to go again this weekend.

Mia is into YouTube. She talked me into buying tickets for Summer In The City - a YouTube convention. I was happy to go along - and even happier when she invited a friend to go with her. That meant that they could go to the convention and I could do other stuff.

It didn't turn out quite as planned...

We arrived at 12.30pm on Saturday (it's a good 3 and a half hours on the coach) and we got the girls straight to the convention. "Easy!" you say... Well, not quite. Any of you who have been to London will have done the tourist trail - Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, St Paul's cathedral etc... But the convention was way out in North London... Change at Victoria underground  to Finsbury Park, get on an overground train to Alexandra Palace. We dropped off the girls then headed back to central London (Waterloo) to check into our rooms.

To say that London was packed is on understatement! Now, I don't do well in crowds, so Oxford Street was a total nightmare for me! In one department store people were checking out three or four baskets at a time! It was crazy! So we headed for the nearest pub....

 The convention was over two days, so we headed back to North London yesterday morning - by now we were used to it. False sense of security!!!

The girls went to their convention again, and we headed off to explore Alexandra palace and the city farmers' market that had popped up. All was fine until it was time to leave... Engineering works was causing delays! So we did as advised and jumped on the next train (delayed by half an hour) NORTH to catch a train SOUTH back into central London. Turns out someone had decided to jump in front of a train further up the line and NO TRAINS WERE RUNNING!

We decided to catch a London bus.... Which one? No idea... We decided to walk for a while (we could see Alexandra Palace up on the hill so knew roughly the direction to take). Mia spotted a very small signpost pointing to an underground station, so we followed. And followed. And followed.

The area was rough. Something told me we weren't in Kansas anymore... Until, like an oasis in the desert, we spotted the tube station... Relief!

It was plain sailing from there, and we managed to get our coach connection back to South Wales. Bizarre weekend in London, though..

And if you're still with me through all of that...

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