Thursday, 15 August 2013

Money Makes the World Go Round - Ker Chingggg

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It’s been an expensive week for me all round. I decided it was time for my little car to go to that car crusher in the sky. Was I sad? Yes and no.

My little car was pretty. It was a Citroen Pluriel – a gorgeous spider convertible (that also doubled up as a pick-up as well as a host of other things). Tuscan blue with a soft top that glided right down.


“So what’s the problem?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s like this. Since I bought the car in 2007 I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. To say the lady was a bit of a tartar is an understatement. In the last 6 years everything that could have possibly went wrong actually did, and by the time I’d parted with the Lady (registration LDY, hence the nickname Lady…) I’d more or less replaced everything – she was virtually brand new! Except that is for the very elaborate water feature in the boot when it rained…

When the radiator gave out last week I decided that was the last straw, so I took her off to my local garage (they know her well…). I traded her in for THE most fabulous little car. it’s a tiny Peugeot 107 City Car - £10 of fuel gets me 60 miles, road tax just £20 per year, and stinking cheap insurance! Can’t go wrong.

All Things Techy

So new car and £4000 lighter in the pocket. But it wasn’t to stop there… ohhh nooo noooo nooooo… On Monday my laptop finally breathed its last. It’s been a good old workhorse – reliable for 8 years. It must have been those CCSS products that I’ve been working on that finally did the damage… Poor old thing!

So I took it to the tech guys. who promptly condemned it! I bought a shiny new one and paid the guys to extract all my data from the old one (the graphics card had died so I couldn’t even hook it up to a monitor to clean it up myself).

Now, I keep all my stuff on an external hard drive so there wasn’t much stored on my laptop. It should have taken a few hours to transfer. But nooooo… THREE DAYS LATER I finally get to pick it up. And guess what? I miss the old guy… The new one is fab but nothing is in the right place – and it operates on Windows 8! Yeuch!  I know my way around a laptop, I’m pretty clued up on all things IT, but I spent most of the morning trying to work out how to get my emails to come through Windows Live Mail! It’s gonna take some time, so bear with me if you spot the odd slip up…

And A Super Duper Back to School Event

And now on to something super exciting – can I have a drum roll, people…? Ddddddrrrrrrrrrrr….. It’s THE not-to-be-missed event – the TPT Back to School Sale!

On Sunday 18th August and Monday 19th August teachers everywhere (including little ole me…) will be putting their shops up for sale so you can stock up on goodies galore. just when you need it most. Use the promo code BTS13 at checkout to get a generous 28% off. Now that’s an event not to be missed! Watch out for my post on Saturday with details of some great products you can pick up at a bargain knock-down price. And if you can’t wait until then, why not visit now to browse and add to your wishlist ready for the big event on Sunday. Clicking the picture will take you there.


Happy shopping!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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