Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fall 'n'All - Hallowe'en, Common Core and FREEBIES For You

Happy Fall Y'all!

I LOVE this time of the year - gold, yellow and red leaves, blustery weather, pumpkins and spooks at Hallowe'en and fireworks, toffee apples and bonfires at Guy Fawkes Night. I love this time of year even more so today because I am officially on half term break!

So with lots of things to look forward to before Christmas, here's a quick round-up of some treats from my store.


original-377528-1.jpg               original-378376-1.jpg

   original-332059-1.jpg              original-353914-1.jpg


Check out the newest additions to the store - a full range of Common Core checklists and "I Can" statements for Grades K-5 for Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing and Language. Each one is available at a price of $3. Keep an eye open for the new Grade bundles (including Foundation Skills), available in-store soon. Take a peek at the Grade 2 Writing set here now:


Thanks for reading, and a massive vote of thanks to all my wonderful friends. Without you I wouldn't be here!


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