Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 - I'm back!

Hi all. Happy New Year! I hope this year sees you all well, happy and ready for whatever comes your way.
I've been away for some time - well actually not away but just MIA. My regular readers will know that we bought a house. The builders moved in in November for what should have been a relatively straight forward and quick job (fitting a new kitchen and bathroom, new gas boiler, wood panelling in the bathroom), but they dragged their heels (something to do with being paid by the day perhaps...?)
We decided to move in on 13th December (!) The builders were still here but just finishing up so our presence was meant to serve as a kick up the proverbial. Just 3 days after moving in we were hit by heavy rain storms which lasted all over Christmas and New Year, with more expected tomorrow. On day 1 we found that both chimneys (mine and my neighbour's) were leaking like sieves. All this while I was having a wood burning stove fitted. You can just imagine the chaos, mess and heartache this caused.. We had some fantastic water features - running down the bedroom walls! Mia's bedroom was particularly badly hit after she spent so long decorating it herself and making it her own. Anyway, crossed fingers we seem to be over the worst. I'm waiting for estimates from roofers to replace rainwater goods etc that should finally make the house watertight.

So with things up in the air I'm sorry to say that I've neglected my Google and Blogger friends. My New Year's resolution is to put all this right - and soon. I have been keeping up to speed with all of you though, and tonight I started to catch up with all the fantastic things that have been happening over Christmas. I've found some fantastic new blogs and made some wonderful new friends through Tori's Teacher Tips - she is hosting an exciting Facebook Freebie hop with tons of great products from lots of very talented and generous blogger friends. Do pop over and check it out for yourself

Also, make sure you check out Teaching Blog Addict this year - probably the best site for teachers out there
Every best wish for 2014!

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