Sunday, 27 April 2014

Congratulations and Changes

Happy Sunday to you all! Unfortunately it's the last day of my Easter break, so it's back to school tomorrow for me. Only for four weeks though, as we have a week off for Whitsun at the end of May. I guess I can live with that...

So first up, it's huge congratulations to Lori C, Lori R, Laurie, Karyn and Kim who all won prizes in my Welcome Back giveway! Well done ladies! Lori C wins the Valentine scrap kit, Lori R gets the mini scrapbook kit and embellishments, Kim wins the UK theme scraps and other bits and bobs, Karyn gets the back to school kit, and Laurie wins two items of her choice from my shop.Look out for an email from me to claim your prizes, girls.

Next up, I hope you've all had a chance to check out my new-look blog. Well, my OCD kicked in and I just couldn't rest until I remodelled my FB page and Twitter page too.

Some of you will have joined up my SOS-Supply Fans Freebies page. I'm pleased to tell you that, thanks to Ashley over at The School Supplies Addict, I've finally managed to install a new tab on my FB page - phew!

The new tab is called "Freebies for Fans", and does exactly what it says on the tin - packed full (or will be...) of freebies especially for my fans. The old freebies page will still be around for you to download the stuff that's already on there, but from now on all my freebies will be posted to the new tab on my FB page. All you have to do to grab the freebies is "like" SOS-Supply. Simples! Here's a quick link that will get you there at the speed of a click

Have a great day!

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