Friday, 23 May 2014

Discount Code for the Grand Educents Memorial Day Sale!

Hi all!

Mixed feelings today. Why? well, here goes:

My happy thoughts

Freedom! A whole week of nothing! Today we broke up for the Whitsun break. It's only been a short half term (3 weeks and 4 days) but it felt so much longer... To say it dragged is an understatement.

So here I am, planning what to do (or not to do...) with myself for a whole week. You'll mostly find me in the garden - weather permitting of course. I've decided to take up the patio and relay smaller slabs, in-filled with gorgeous golden sandstone chippings. The borders are sloping, so I want to level them off a bit before planting a few fuchsia bushes and other shrubs and climbers. It's a real cottage garden, so I'm looking forward to the end result - as is the rabbit, who will have free roam!

My stressful thoughts

As you know, it's been a difficult year for us. I split from my partner of 8 years, moved into the shed for 4 months, bought a house, renovated it and coped with a deluge of water to rival Noah's flood! It's all ok now, but we so desperately need a holiday. So I booked one. I hear huge cheers - but wait a moment, this is me we're talking about, and NOTHING ever goes that smoothly, surely...?

You're right. My daughter is studying dance, but has found herself a part time job as a receptionist in our gym. Great, yes? Well, yes, but after telling them at interview that she had no prior commitments, I then went and booked our two weeks in Cyprus, totally forgetting that she was starting work... Shouldn't be a catastrophe, but I take you back to my earlier comment, "this is me we're talking about..." Have you guessed it yet..? Yup, the gym would only give her the first week of the holiday, saying that the second week had already been booked by someone else and their policy was not to have to people off at the same time (this is a team of 6 receptionists we're talking about...). I've tried everything - amending the flights will cost £1400 (that's around $2100..) just for a paper exercise! I can't cancel s the flights are non-refundable and cost us £1800 (around $2700). So we're having to think about booking a one-way flight for Mia to travel home on her own after the first week... Needless to say, this is freaking me out! I must have done something REALLY bad in a past life!

Now down to business...
I am very excited to announce that Educents are having a Memorial Day Sale! All of my followers will receive an additional 10% off all deals on the site + FREE SHIPPING! This is a first for Educents, so be a ground breaker and give it a go! Remember to use the code SOS10FREE to bag your extra 10% discount.
Check out these great bargains:
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Happy Memorial Day! And happy shopping!

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