Sunday, 1 June 2014

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Hi all!

I haven't done one of Farley's Currentlies for a very long time so I think it's time to remedy that. Here's my Currently for June...'+Boy+4th+Grade)


Since buying this house and moving in, it hasn't been a bed of roses for us. We have experienced all sorts of catastrophes to the point where it's taken me forever to even get to like the house... After 7 months it's finally beginning to grow on me. This week we worked on the garden. It's only tiny - no bigger than a postage stamp really - but it's the cutest little cottage garden you ever saw! One of the things that I love most about it is its quirkiness - it's such an odd shape! I promise to get some photos up here soon. We get all sorts of birds, but the ones I love most are the Robins. Such a beautiful song! Every morning I wake up to the song of the Robins, and every evening we get serenaded. It's just gorgeous!


This house just hasn't felt like a home. You know how things are - little odd jobs left to do that just get overlooked, finishing touches awaiting the right moment. My kitchen is just darling, but I've been searching for just the right bar stool. I wanted something with a back because I knew that I'd be spending most of my time working on my laptop in the kitchen (the breakfast unit is perfect because the radiator is underneath and billows out hot air - wonderful for a freezer like me!). This week I found the perfect ones. I am soooo pleased I waited.


I've just come off Whitsun break. We go back to school tomorrow for another 7 weeks. And yes folks, it's going to be tough! At the moment I just have zero drive and my inspiration and motivation are at an all time low. July 18th can't come soon enough.


Speaks for itself - couldn't we all do with a little win,,,?


Yup, I'm sitting here trying desperately to knock together some ideas for the next 7 weeks. It's not an easy job though, as I have to plan for over 100 kids, all with different levels of language ability. Phew! No wonder I'm frazzled! Any help gratefully received.

Summer Bucket List

Where do I start? So many things I want to do, and in the blink of an eye it'll be time to go back to school. We are off to Cyprus again this year for a well-deserved 2 week break. I'm taking my mam and dad and I just know they'll absolutely love it! When we get back I really must finish this house... I need a couple of rugs, new interior doors, wardrobes so that I can turn my walk-in wardrobe (the third bedroom...) back into the guest room space it should be. Lots to keep me occupied.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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