Monday, 29 August 2016

Back to School Sale

Hi all

A little while ago I dipped my toe into the waters of a new resource website. TES is  UK based website that supports Times Educational Supplement, a well-known and respected publication for the teaching profession. The site is still in its early stages and is not without its teething problems, but the TES team work hard to iron out any glitches, and I have to say that all seems to be well.

TES is available worldwide with a huge range of resources available for the US market as well as other countries around the world. Whilst my preferred site is still TPT, it's always good to have other outlets.

Between 4th and 6th September TES is hosting a site-wide sale. All of the resources that I have uploaded so far are included in the sale at 25% off. Why not take a few moments to check out what is available and let me know what you think. My page can be found at

Tried Amazon Prime?

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