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Best Year Ever Bonus Sale - Win a $10 TPT Card

Hi all

It's that time of year again - back to school. To help us all with our preparations, for one day only, TPT is throwing it's Best Year Ever sale.

On Monday 22nd August you will be able to get 20% off everything in my store, If you use the code OneDay at checkout you will receive a further discount up to a massive 28%. Now that's a great help for the new school year. Clicking the image below will take you straight to my store.

As a bonus, you can win a $10 gift card to spend in my TPT store. All you have  to do is follow my TPT page , like my Facebook page and this post and in the comments box tell me which country you are in and when your kids go back to school. I will randomly choose a winner and post here on 23rd August. Good luck!

Here's a snapshot of some of the items on offer:

First Day Jitters - Bumper Back to School Activity Pack  First Day Jitters - Bumper Back to School Activity Pack
A bumper pack of activities for those first days back at school. Based around the popular book "First Day Jitters" by Julie Danneberg, the pack contains everything you need to settle your kiddos in and chase away any "first day jitters".

The pack includes:

Pre-reading prediction activity
Post-reading discussion activity
Story map
Letter to Sarah
My Perfect Day at School writing activity
What's in your lunchbox?
My First Day Jitters
Two Truths and a Lie
Word Wall
Student v Teacher Venn Diagram
Compound Words
Congratulations certificate

Good to be Me - Skills, Strengths and Talents 

A huge bundle of lesson plans, activities and resources intended to explore talents, skills and strengths, including:

Lesson plans x3
All About Me Passport
My Very Own Poster
10 Fascinating Things About Me
Our Book of Talents
Sharing our Talents
Things I Am Good At/Like to Do
Poster Design
Strength Sort
Going for Gold Medal
Coloring Pages x5

To reflect on personal skills, interests and talents
To find out about how people share their talents with others and why
To demonstrate talents to the class
To think about how to play to strengths

Open House Slideshow - Pirates

Open House Slideshow - Pirate Theme  Open House Slideshow - Pirate Theme  Open House Slideshow - Pirate Theme

There is no feeling quite like when your child starts school for the first time, or moves to a new class. Teachers arrange their classes in different ways and have different procedures for homework, class management, behaviour etc. There are lots of questions that parents want answering, and Open House is a great time to meet the new teacher and find out a little about what the new school year will bring for their child, They also want to know how they can help their child and how they can help the teacher.

This slideshow can be adapted to include all the information you need to pass on to your parents, from classroom expectations to grading policies, to what you will be teaching across the year. From field trips to special events. From Daily 5 to Math, Science and Writer's Workshop. From morning arrival to afternoon dismissal.

This slideshow can also be adapted to suit older students.

The slideshow has a cute pirate theme. Each slide can be edited to suit your schedule and activities, and put on a loop at Open House so that parents can get all the information they need at a glance.

14 slides, all with embedded fonts.

Also available: pink and green owls, zebras, kids, carnival, giraffes, cheerleaders, great outdoors, snake jungle, fall critter and sock hop

Common Core "I Can" Statements

Available for reading, writing and language for K-5

I also have a full range of Great Outdoors classroom d├ęcor items.

Presidential Election 2016

I am very proud of my latest resource - my Presidential Election 2016 movie and activity pack. Both are available separately or purchased together at a discount.

Presidential Election 2016 - Movie and Activity Pack

Presidential Election 2016 - Movie and Activity Pack  Presidential Election 2016 - Movie and Activity Pack  Presidential Election 2016 - Movie and Activity Pack

This pack provides lesson ideas and activities to help teach Grade 3-6 children about the Presidential Election system in the USA.

The pack includes a fully animated 7 minute 5 second movie which gives a background to the Presidential Election system in child-friendly language. It includes cool graphics and exciting music, sounds and animations that are sure to appeal to a younger audience.

The activities pack is 29 pages long and begins with a Cool Kids KWHL chart to brainstorm facts already known, things they want to know, and how they will go about finding out. Through teacher input and independent research, children then build up biographies of the candidates, and research the key issues they represent. Finally, they use books and websites to research information for their own presentation to the class on their chosen candidate.

The movie is in MP4 format. Please contact me if you would prefer it as a Powerpoint animated slideshow.

Happy shopping! And remember to leave me some feedback - I'd love to know what you think of my work.


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