Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Book Giveaway Linky


In an effort to help spread the word about all the wonderful book related giveaways going on in cyberspace,, Beach Bound Books created the Book Giveaway Linky. The giveaway Linky list is for two things: 

  1. To enter giveaways for books, kindles, amazon gift cards,cash (so you can buy more books!)
  2. If you are hosting a giveaway for a book, kindle, gift card, or cash (or anything related to LITERATURE) either on your website, on someone else’s website, on Goodreads, on Amazon, or elsewhere, grab the DIRECT LINK to the giveaway and add it to the Book Giveaway Linky List.  

Check out more by clicking here. 

Current linkies include:


Book Giveaway Linky List

You may enter as many links as you like, but please NO DUPLICATES.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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