Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Supply Teacher's Survival Kit...

Having spent the last four years in one classroom with all my things around me, it has always been easy to put my hand on exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. Now that I am a supply teacher, that luxury has gone. I now have to go prepared for (almost..) every eventuality. So what exactly does a good supply teacher need?

In preparation for the new term, I am working on pulling together a bag of tricks, a magical carpet bag of bits and bobs on a par with that carried by Mary Poppins... It is important that you can pick up your bag and run as soon as you get that call at 8am - it needs to be age UNspecific. Experience has taught me that balance is paramount, so make sure you take only the essentials. So far, my bag contains:

  •  Water
  •  My lunch - something you can graze on or eat without the need for heat
  •  Tissues, antibacterial hand wipes, lip balm, and hand lotion
  •  Classroom management materials (see later posts for tips)
  •  Notebook
  •  Diary 
  •  Pens (make sure you find out which colour the school likes for marking - some still go with red, most like green)
  •  Planning folder with a list of activities that need no or little supplies
  •  Loose-leaf lined A4 paper
  •  Goodie bag filled with small things for rewards. Stickers are great and work even for older kids.
  •  A good reading book

  After a week or two my bag will invariably be heaving with stuff that I don't need, so it's important to keep on top of things and have a regular sort out.

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