Monday, 9 January 2012


In Welsh, bendigedig means fantastic. And that's exactly the sort of day I had today..!

Here's a great tip for behaviour management for those one-day assignments - I can't claim to take credit for the idea, as I spotted it somewhere on the web, but I am hoping to produce a few resources to move the idea on.

Robot Rewards: "build" a robot in stages. Each time the class works well as a team/achieves a behaviour target etc, give them a piece of the robot. Keep it small to make it achievable(around 5 or 6 pieces is probably enough)and let the children decide what their reward should be once the robot is complete (this could be an extra 5 minutes on their play or lunch break, computer time or free choice). It doesn't even have to be a robot. Use anything that appeals to the children - dog, cat, dinosaur, Justin Bieber etc... Resources to follow...


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