Sunday, 22 January 2012

Easy like a Sunday morning...

So there I was, sitting in the dining room with the sun streaming through the french doors, enjoying a pot of Starbucks. I went to the gym (thought I should make an effort - I haven't been since October!) and felt chilled.

Starbucks in hand, I contemplated my time as a Supply (Sub). The work is beginning to pick up, and although it won't be long before I start longing for a class of my own again, I must say that I'm rather enjoying popping in and out of different classrooms. And each class brings different challenges and highlights. For example, it's great meeting lots of new children and adults, and seeing how teachers all do things differently. On the other hand, it's also enlightening to see how teachers prepare for having a Supply in their classroom. Some of the schools I have been to are really organised: everything is ready, which is great when you walk into a new place not knowing anyone or any of their procedures. Some schools, however, are not so organised. Take, for example, one school I was in recently. My instructions were written on a scrap of paper and went something like this:

PE - Dance"

And that was it - no lesson plans, no idea what Maths or English, and absolutely no idea of what aspects of dance to teach. No timetable, no idea of children with difficulties or those who were high fliers, definitely no password for the computer..! As it happens, I managed to get through the day...

So I've pulled together a couple of little sheets for teachers to use for the days when they know they will be having a Supply in their class. They include all the information that we Supply Teachers need when we come into your class. They are free for a limited time only. I hope they will be useful in some way.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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