Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all! I started my day off by hitting the gym at 8am - then promptly diving into Costa for coffee (decaff of course...) and toast - yum! Don't think my day is going to get any better than that...

What is Valentine's Day bringing for you?

In the UK we have half term, so won't be celebrating today with the kiddos. Although the subbing is going quite well, I miss my own class. It's difficult, especially at special times of the year like this when there are so many really great things that I want to do with the kiddos. I really must now try especially hard to find a class of my own, but with no work out there at all in Welsh schools, it's proving very difficult. There is a job that I am quite tempted to go for - trouble is, it's in Gran Canaria! OK, the weather is great, but he commute home might be a little on the long side....

My blogging keps me going, though. It's great to touch base with teachers from all over the world, and I get a real kick out of making up activities and resources that I hope are useful in some way. I've started thinking about St Patrick's Day, which I know is very big in the USA as well as Ireland of course. Before that we have our own Patron Saint's day - Saint David. If anyone is interested in developing inter-cultural awareness I'll produce some stuff.

Have a wonderful day, filled with love - and of course, chocolate...!

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