Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday is...

So, it's finally here - the weekend that is. And what to do..? Well, it's a big day in Wales today, as the Boys take on Italy in the RBS 6 Nations Tournament. Two weeks ago we won the Triple Crown (winnng matches against all three other home nations, Ireland, England and Scotland), and now we're on track to win the Grand Slam. We need to beat Italy today and France next week, then they'll be celebrating in the Valleys. I might just have the match on in the background, but won't really go out of my way to watch - and anyway, the supermarkets will be empty, so a great time to go shopping!

Last night I hit the town with friends (if you can call it that - the nightlife here is rubbish..). It was great to bump into friends that I haven't seen for years - literally! People leave but they always always find their way back - we call it hiraeth, the longing for home. Anyway, lovely to see Greg, who has settled in Perth, Australia with his new partner, and was home, sadly, for his father's funeral.

Thinking back, last week was interesting.... Four days out of five, with one day cancelled due to a double booking, a range of age groups from G1 to G5, 240 children for French on Monday, and Fruity Friday... Yesterday, at the end of a lovely day in school, I had to break up a fight in the classroom - a stupid thing to put myself at risk but you don't think about yourself where the safety of children is involved. All in all, I've come away this week with lots of great ideas to share with you. I'm hoping that today will be the day when I put the finishing touches to my new St Patty's Day Literacy unit and Activity Pack. Watch this space.

Have a good day y'all.

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