Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring? Pahhh!!

I can't believe it! OK, so we had a few showers today but mostly it's been a blustery but sunny March day - until tonight, that is.. Mia just shouted downstairs to me that it's snowing! How can that be? Yesterday we ate lunch in a wonderful pub sat at a window table bathed in sunshine - and today... Well, it's back to de-icing the windscreen and wondering if I can move my car in the morning. We'll see...

I've just put the finishing touches to a St Patty's resource aimed at K-2. It uses a shamrock number line to help the leprechaun with his adding. It's FREE so make sure you check it out.

Most of you. my blogger friends, are at least 5 hours behind me, so you're still enjoying your Sunday. Mine is coming to a close. Wherever you are, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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