Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Weekend!

Yay! Easter is here! Although I've been off school since last Monday it still feel good. I don't know about you, but the half term certainly seemed longer this time, and it's good to have a break from the wee ones.

I'll have another two weeks away from school (and two weeks with no income... oo er..) but I've got lots of plans:
  • the usual washing, ironing and general cleaning
  • spring clean my "shed" (well, it's actually a 22ft long log cabin that I use partly for my office and mostly for an extra space)
  • prepare for a job interview on 25th
  • lots more centers and activities
Some exciting news is that I've just opened a Teachers Notebook store. I'm currently uploading all my existing stuff to it and I'll have a huge fanfare here when it's finally finished. You can find the links to my store on the right, along with the link to my TPT store shich I'll be keeping.

Finally, a few congratulations are in order. Thw two winners of my Dazzling Doubles center and Problem with Easter center are:

jwhit and lraines78

Well done ladies - your resources are being sent to you via email.

Till tomorrow...

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