Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Ok, so I broke my resolution almost as soon as I made it... having decided to try to blog every day, yesterday was not a good start. Nevermind, there's always today.

Some schools in Wales have already broken for the Easter holidays, but others are a week behind, breaking on Maundy Thursday. In theory that means that I could have got some work this week. In practice it was always a long shot that schools would want supply cover in the last few days of term. And that has proved to be the case. So I'm starting my Easter break a little earlier than planned. It's a visit to the Job Centre for me this afternoon to register (again!) for Jobseekers Allowance...

From reading some of the blogs out there, I know that the weather where you are is bizarre for the time of year. We had a fairly mild winter in comparison with last year, and last week saw temperatures of 22 degrees - a record for March! Today, it's all catching up with us. I laughed last week seeing all those people walking around wearing very little - remember the old saying "don't cast a clout till May is out"...? Well it's come back to haunt them with blizzard conditions in Scotland, North of England and the Midlands. Wales is copping it too, but so far all we've had in my part of the world is very fine stuff that doesn't seem to want to stick around. Now that's what I call real Easter weather... :-)

My lack of blogging yesterday was not in vain. I was very busy making my newest unit. Dazzling Doubles is a huge pack of resources for introducing and reinforcing doubles. It contains 2 lesson plans and associated resources, 4 games, a skill check and 3 songs/rap poems. I am also going to make the lesson plans and each game available separately for a very small cost, but bought together in this bundle you will save yourself over $6. The songs will be available as a FREEbie through my store. Do check them all out.

As usual, a free set to the first follower randomly generated on Friday. All you have to do is leave me a comment here and join me as a follower - you'll find the button on the right.

Have a fun day y'all!

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