Saturday, 5 May 2012

May Linky

It's late and I'm starting to wilt, so I'll keep it short. I admire Farley so much for her wonderfully cute blog and for helping us all to learn a little about each other with her fabulous monthly "currently" linky.  So here goes with mine...

Now listening to the ticking of the clock - and a daughter in full song hammering away at the guitar at 11.50pm... Did I say a bit of peace...?

Yes, I really do need that exercise. I made it to the gym on four consecutive days in each of the last two weeks, but it hasn't made any difference. Although I love running, I think I might need to change my exercise regime, try something different. So tomorrow morning we are taking a 7am stroll before breakfast (not a fry-up...!). I'm also back on the Acai berry juice - seemed to give me a kick start last time, but it tastes yucky!

As for the buzzing in my ear - well, it's more of a droning really, like a distant car engine. It's driving me potty! Talk about Chinese water torture - this is Welsh ear torment (mae clust tost a fi).. I bought some ear plugs today ready for the next time I rehearse with the band - just in case. We are rather on the loud side..

And that brings me neatly around to my pageant...

Night all, enjoy your evening

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