Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Open House Week - My Classroom

It's Open House Week at Teaching Blog Addict, and Tuesday is My Classroom day. I haven't had my own classroom for a while, but here are a few pics of some of the ones I've been in over the last few months:

A gorgeous Victorian classroom with oodles of original features - the towering Victorian ceiling is sadly hidden behind a suspended ceiling...

Love this Romans display

And this Lights, Camera Action board

Had to include this one - just a bit different to the ones you usually see... This is my wet area which has been trashed by one of my little angels. He did this on a daily basis... Note the large metal cupboard behind the pool table - that took some strength from a lad no taller than my knees..!

I love looking at all of your photos - there are some wonderfully creative ideas out there. Keep them coming!

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  1. Hi Sue, I appreciate you stopping by my blog today. I love how you have your blog set up. It is awesome to have a friend in the UK.
    Have a great day! Blog On!


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