Sunday, 9 September 2012

Apples in the Fall - and a FREEBIE

There's a definite nip in the air.. We are having a bit of an Indian Summer in the UK (it won't last for long...), and it's been warm for the last week. Isn't it just typical that it rained for the whole of the summer break butthe sun has come out just as we all go back to school...!

Anyway, I know that lots of you love teaching an apple theme at this time of year. I LOVE autumn - it's my favourite season. So I had a lot of fun pulling this apple themed literacy unit together. It uses Zoe Hall's "The Apple Pie Tree" as a prompt and is crammed full of great activities that can be taught as part of a thematic unit or used as stand-alone activities in your writing centres. The poetry lesson is especially good - I used it myself going back a few years and although the children groaned when I told them they were going to write their own poem, they absolutely loved going through the hands-on process using their senses. I'd love to see some examples of your children's work if you decide to use it.

I'm hoping to follow this one up with a couple more seasonal units, including Johnny Apple Seed and of course, Hallowe'en. Oh I do love this time of year...!

If you're interested you can get this unit through my TN and TPT shops by clicking the pictures below.

Teachers Notebook

I would love for my unit to be reviewd - it's important to me that everything is so-so. So for the first two people to leave a comment here on my blog, I will send you a free copy of "Apple Pie Tree"
for review. Good luck!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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