Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Break and FREEBIE #7

Autumn break - at last...

It's been a long time coming - eight weeks to be exact.

Now eight weeks doesn't sound like a long time (and let's face it, if I was chilling on a tropical island somewhere in the Maldives, it would positively fly by...), but we all know that in our job eight weeks is an absolute lifetime! Usually our terms are around 7 weeks at most, and believe me, that last week is HARD - hard for the kids who by then have absolutely had it, and hard for the teachers who had it about two weeks earlier...! But eight weeks...??? I'll leave it to your imagination to paint a picture of how I feel. I won't ask you to do the same for the way I look... Suffice to say, it's been exhausting.

So now half term is here I can relax, lie-in and generally catch up with all the stuff I haven't got round to doing, right? WRONG! My whole week is taken up. It goes something like this:

Monday - appointment with the bank
Tuesday - trip to Birmingham (300 mile round trip) to take Mia to an audition for a filmed production of Cats.
Wednesday - open day for Mia at a university
Thursday to Saturday - London

It sounds great! But when will I fit in my planning...?

What are you doing with your break?

Freebie #7 - the last one...

When I started preparing all the freebies, I kinda had some ideas in mind. By the time I got to Day 6 I had exhausted all those ideas (something to do with half term fatigue perhaps...). What to do for Freebie #7? Then I thought of all my young readers, and especially those in Upper Key Stage 2 (Grades 3-5), who seem to be sometimes a little overlooked when it comes to all the wonderfully creative stuff I see out there .

Often children come across to us as “good readers”; they sound good, they read easily with flow and pace, and they have the phonic skills to decode new, often complex words, But do they really understand what they are reading?

This Freebie pack is an exercise in reading for understanding. it includes a passage about the history of the tradition of Hallowe’en, followed by a series of questions intended to explore whether children have really understood the text and how it is made up.. The resource meets Common Core Standards for Reading Informational Texts. G3-5. I hope you enjoy it.


Whatever you're doing this half term, whatever you're doing for Hallowe'en, HAVE A GREAT TIME..!

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