Sunday, 28 October 2012


It's Officially Winter!

Morning all. Did you remember to put your clocks back last night? An extra hour in bed was very welcome.

It's now officially winter - dark mornings, dark afternoons, dark nights. And please don't mention all that snow and ice... I'm one of those cold people - I don't bear up well in temperatures below 20C.. My fingers and toes are permanently numb even with gloves on, and my hair frizzes at the slightest whiff of damp in the air.. So winter is kinda hard for me. But I intend to make the most what's left of the autumn. Although the leaves are turning, there are still quite a lot of them about, and apart from yesterday when we had arctic winds (really...), the weather is back to being quite mild. All good for our trip to London this week.

SOS-Supply Exclusive Freebies Club

Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed all the Hallowe'en freebies last week and had chance to download them. I had lots of fun pulling them together for you.

Now for news of the new SOS Supply Exclusive Members' Club which launched last week. From now on, most of my freebies will only be available through the Club. As a member of the club you will be able to access the freebies, some exclusively for Club members, and some in advance of posting to the public. You will also get lots of news and chat. It's FREE to sign up, so pop on over to the group now (click the apple below to take you straight there) and ask to be added to the group. Alternatively, send me your email address and I'll add you.

We've already had a good response to the club. Hope to see you there too!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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