Saturday, 6 October 2012

Currently... and a Sale

Where has the time gone...?

I've just noticed that it's been almost a week since my last post. Where has the week gone? When I look back I can't seem to work out how I got from last Sunday to today.. I guess that's what this job does to you - in the nicest possible way of course.


Although I haven't been very good at keeping my own blog current this week, I am following lots of you, both on the web and by email. I look forward to receiving your updates every day, and I read them all. It's been great reading all your "Currently" posts (thanks once again to Farley for arranging it and for the fantastically designed form), so here's mine:

Sad news in Wales this week, as 5 year old April Jones was abducted from outside her home in a small rural town of only 2000 people. A suspect was arrested on Tuesday and was today charged with April's abduction and murder, although the search for her still goes on. It's every parent's nightmare and our thoughts are with them.

My car is an enigma. It's a Citroen Pluriel convertible - very pretty to look at. But it leaks like a sieve - and not in the places you'd expect... The roof is absolutely fine. The water pours (and I mean pours...) in through the boot lock (truck if you're in the US) - hence the water feature every time I open the boot..

Finally, the book I've chosen is absolutely wonderful. It's the story of Ferdie, who is very worried that his beautiful tree may be sick because it is losing all its leaves. He does everything he can to try to save the leaves - including sticking them back on - and Ferdie feels that all hope for his tree is lost when the last leaf floats to the ground. But a glorious sight awaits him the next day. Your children will love it!

What do you think about a sale...?

I haven't had a sale for a while - haven't really had a reason. But then I thought, heck, I don't need a reason to spread a little love. So this weekend I'll be opening my stores for just a short while and letting you loose on a few bargains. It may mean breaking the unwritten rule and blogging twice in one day, but watch out for the announcement.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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