Sunday, 30 September 2012

Book of the Month Linky Party - The Apple Pie Tree

Hey all!

Today has been mad! Lately I've been getting very annoyed with my environment - it's always so busy that sometimes housework and stuff takes a back seat. I'm a self-confessed Obsessive Compulsive, and this weekend I really needed to get down to it - before I went well and truly bonkers! With a nice early start at 8.30am, after several mugs of Starbucks to get me going, I got stuck in. First job, clean out the cupboard to make room for the towels that have been hanging around homeless for a few weeks. Then, the Great Autumn Sort kicked off. With no storage, I had to be ruthless. I filled four huge sacks with clothing! I kid you not, clothing with swing tags still on - Jasper Conran, Julien Macdonald, you name it, it was there - and all brand new! The charity shop is in for a treat tomorrow... It's taken all day, but I can finally walk around the house without screaming or wanting to run away... Next weekend it's the garden's turn for a tidy-up...

I hopped across to Tammy's place this evening. Those of you who know me through my blog will know that I love books. I'm filling up my bookshelf here and always love to take opportunities to tell you about great books that I think the kids will love. So Tammy's linky is right up my street. It's all about sharing ideas on great books that we can all use in the classroom. This month Tammy wants us to share books that are MUST READS for the month of OCTOBER. So, these books should be an "October" theme that you do in your class. (Fall, Pumpkins, Halloween, etc) It does not have to be seasonal but it needs to be something you are reading this month!:) If you have more than one, share those too.  Post pictures of your books and activities you do with your class:). Here is the link to Tammy's blog where you can get all the details.

I linked up with my favourite book of the moment - The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall. I have blogged about it before here

The packet provides a huge selection of activities that you can teach as a stand-alone unit, or use separately in Literacy/Writing Centres. Everything you need is there, and can just be printed off and used with minimum  preparation and effort. It includes:
  • Before reading inference using the cover as a prompt
  • After reading discussion prompt cards
  • Record sheets
  • Editing sentences
  • Alphabetical ordering
  • Phoneme count
  • Syllable search
  • Sensory poem writing activity
  • Word wall
  • Story sequencing - the tree
  • Story sequencing - baking a pie
  • Story sequencing - the Robin family
  • Storyboarding
  • Four seasons of an apple tree - posters to collage
  • Teacher answer keys where applicable


It's 10.30pm here and I'm jiggered from all my autumn clear-out! Have a great week whatever you end up doing, and be sure to keep me posted!


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