Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's Hallowe'en...and Mrs V is a Busy Bee

It's Hallowe'en - and it's raining...

As always... But I'm watching news reports of Sandy on TV and I'm thanking my blessings that we don't get hurricanes and tornadoes in the UK (yet...). I hope everyone managed to stay safe.

So, for Hallowe'en tonight I'll be staying indoors in the warm. I won't be forgetting all the little 'uns though - I've got a whole bucketful of goodies ready and waiting for when they knock.

Today we're off to Swansea to an open day at the university. This will be our second university visit, and so far Mia is no closer to making up her mind... She's thinking about a combined degree in dance and drama. but we can't find anything that comes close - it's either dance or drama, or dance with business studies or teaching. What she really wants to do is go to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) or LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), but neither offer dance... Difficult decisions. Difficult being 18...

Just in case you're still looking...

I thought I'd post up a quick summary of all things Hallowe'en in my shop, just in case you're still looking for bits and bobs. As you can see, most of the freebies I posted last week are still available at no charge, so pop along and snap them up. I've also posted my Presidential Election resources. There are three resources available at the moment, although I hope to also add another pack "If I Was President" if I have time this week.

At the moment I have a huge activity pack designed to get children thinking about character development, a fully animated slide show giving all the facts about how the US electoral system works, and a combined pack of both resources. Both resources individually cost $5 but when bought together in the combined pack you get them at a massive saving of $1.50.

All of the resources are available in my TPT store too, if you prefer to shop there. Hope you find something you're looking for.

Mrs V's Busy Bees 500 Giveaway

Don't forget to pop on over to Sara's fab blog Mrs V's Busy Bees to check out her huge giveaway. She's celebrating 500 followers with some fabulous prizes for the winners. Here's the button that will take you straight there.

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