Monday, 5 November 2012

A Little Trip - In More Ways Than One - and a Ghost in the Machine

Trip Number 1

It's been quite a week! Birmingham, Swansea and London - phew! So much for my autumn break...

Actually, it was really good to spend time with family. London was amazing as always. We did the touristy thing and took in the sights - Buckingham Palace in the dark was a splendid sight. When we got there the flag was flying high, which meant that Her Madge was in residence. Then we noticed a large police presence and the royal cars ready to depart. Well, what would you think? Her Madge, right?  WRONG! We stood there like dutiful citizens, waving and with cameras at the ready to get our snaps as they passed us. And they did pass us... We later asked one of the police officers if it actually was Her Madge. With a smile on his face, he told us it was the Indonesian Ambassador... Well, it was fun and we had a laugh..

This is quite a special time of year, not just because of autumn and everything that goes with it. On 11th November we remember. In recent years we've been able to mark 11 o'clock on 11th day of the 11th month with a minute's silence - it's amazing to hear a nation fall silent. The Poppy Appeal is a tremendous charity that raises funds for ex servicemen and their families - they could be ex-servicemen from any conflict, whether World War II or Afghanistan. The adopted emblem is the poppy - a symbol of life that sprung up in the horror of the fields of Flanders that was No-Man's Land in World War I. Bright red and poignant. This year I was touched to see serving men and women doing their bit with the collecting tins right across London.

Mia wanted to try on the busby - but it would have been more than his job was worth...

We made it again to the Imperial War Museum - a place that not only tells the tales of wars past, but also celebrates peace. We were greeted by a poppy field - a carpet of red poppies made by children. The centres of the poppies were brass regimental buttons donated from uniforms by family members. It was so touching.

We did have lots of fun as well. And with Joey firmly in our minds, we all did the "London baby!" thing. A wonderful time was had by all.
Me with my niece Ffion and nephew Thomas.

The Tower of London

Me and a piece of the Berlin Wall

Trip Number 2

Not so much a trip and an accident... On Saturday night I fell over and cut my chin quite badly. I didn't know I had done anything at the time, but I have seriously never seen so much blood from a place with no major arteries, veins or blood vessels. It meant a trip to A&E at 2.30am - an experience in itself...! Although the place was empty, I was still sat there waiting to see a doctor 2 and a half hours later! So I gave up and went home... It turned out OK, but I have a huge bruise on my chin, a creaky jaw, fat knuckles where I landed and the biggest blisters on my feet that I have ever seen! How I couldn't feel them I'll never know... That will teach me to walk 4 miles in 3 inch stilettos... Don't get me wrong, the shoes were fabulous (gold sequined) but DEFINITELY not worth the pain...!

Ghost in the Machine

When I got back from London and opened up my blog, I got quite a shock! Something nasty had happened in my absence! All of my photos, including my blog background and header, had been wiped, leaving a "lovely" black background with no entry signs everywhere. Had I been hacked...? Not sure, but I knew I had to fix it - black and white no entry signs are not really my style. So my blog has had an impromptu make-over. I hope it looks OK.

OK, now for bed. Vote well tomorrow, peeps - make the right decision, it affects us all.

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