Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent Reveal

So Here It Is, Merry Christmas..

Way back at the end of November I posted about Sara and Sarah's Advent Exchange. Today is the day when we all get to link back up and show off our advents.

Now I'm not the world's biggest fan of Christmas, but there are some things that I admit I love. These are mostly the traditions that we built up as a family and remind me so much of my childhood. I remember when the three of us were small. Mam made an advent calendar for us out of an egg tray (the type that holds 2 dozen eggs - convenient..!), some coloured tin foil and a whole load of old Christmas cards. She cut out pictures from the old cards and pasted them into the hollows of the egg tray, then covered the whole thing with coloured foil and pasted numbers on each one. I will always have fond memories of the three of us taking it in turns to poke our finger through the foil to reveal that day's picture. Beats the bought type and just goes to show that you don't need chocolate (although it always helps...).

That's why, when I heard that Sarah (Notes from a Newly Wed) and Sara (Miss V's Busy Bees) were doing an exchange, I was very keen to join in. So I made mine and sent it off to Sara  (my exchange buddy), and crossed my fingers that she would like it.

Sara's to me was wonderful. I took some pics to share with you all:

I just love that this has been personalised with our family name

So excited about putting mini candy canes into each of the little pockets. Mmmmm - candy canes...

Just look how cute this little guy is!

Fabulous gel stickers -I know just the use for these
I hope Sara enjoys mine as much as I love hers. I can't wait for the next exchange!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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