Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sleigh Full of Goodies Freebies Giveaway Day 12 - It's My Turn...

Yep, it's my turn again. I'm totally loving this! I've picked up some fabulous freebies from Heather's blog and today it's my turn to let you have another freebie as part of Beth's Sleigh Full of Goodies Blog Hop.

We all know that kids love praise - sweets, stickers table races, you name it they love it. I used something a little different with my last class - success tags. Shaped like oversized parcel tags, they attach to some part of the child's coat (zip, button etc) with string, ribbon or an elastic band. The loo on their faces when they get one is priceless! And they get to wear it home to proudly display to mam and dad. They are also great for sparking talk - imagine the conversation when they explain what they are and what they did to earn them. It does bring a smile to my face though, as the children remind me of evacuees with their little name and address labels attached to them - but the tags are so bright and personalised that it all takes on a brand new, fresh meaning. I love them and so do the kids!

So here they are - I Believe Coat Tags. Get the kids to decorate their bell (you could really go to town with the glitter and sequins), and laminate for durability. Then punch a hole at the top and thread through some string, ribbon or an elastic band (these work best in my experience) and attach to their coats etc. I guarantee they'll love them!

Enjoy! And don't forget to pop across to Beth and Heather to keep in the loop with their linkies.


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