Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pinterest Hover Button

Isn't Charity Preston just great? She has such fantastic ideas to help us all with our blogging, and is always willing to share. Last week I picked up her post on adding a hover button to your blog and was immediately hooked.

I don't know about you, but I've often wanted to pin something that I've seen, but found it quite a long-winded process if a Pin button is not readily available (that's probably me not doing it right...!). So Charity's post was perfect for me.

Using just a short piece of code in the right place on your blog, a pin button will conveniently pop up when you hover over an image. You can place the button anywhere on your image (I find that, for me, the bottom left or right corner works best) - clicking on the button takes you to Pinterest, whilst you can still click the image itself to take you to TPT or TN, or any other location you have linked up to.

It sounds difficult, but really, it isn't. I'm no computer geek, and I managed it very easily. You can try it out by hovering over images in my posts.

Charity has given step by step instructions on her blog, and has even thoughtfully included a video clip that walks you through the process. You can read her post and get the codes here.

Good luck!

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