Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Day #7, Snazzy Clip Art and a Thumbs Up

Snow Day #7

Today it snowed again. It's now day 7 of the Big Freeze, and the third day that schools have closed.

Not that I mind, you understand - I absolutely hate driving in this weather. But as much as I love my new scarf, mittens and deerstalker, it is getting kinda boring now, and I'm feeling just a tad claustrophobic. We had band rehearsal last night, and on the way home - yes, you guessed - it snowed. I was car sharing with my brother, who plays guitar in the band, and he had to leave me to walk the last part of the way home. It got too bad to drive up the hill (well. I do live at the top of a mountain...). It was some trek...!

I did manage to get out for a short while this afternoon, but with more snow forecast for tonight, we're all on snow watch again. Good news is, there's a thaw forecast for the weekend - can't wait!

Snazzy Clip Art

My name is Susanne and I'm a clipartaholic. . .

I just can't help myself. I see clip art and I've just got to have it - "just in case". I mean, you never know when you're going to need that cutesie wabbit set or that Valentine lizard pack. I now have a HUGE collection of fantastic graphics waiting for that "just in case" moment.

I am totally in awe of those wonderful people who create the fabulous graphics that we all use to illustrate our products. I could never do it myself - I just wouldn't know where to start. I can just about pick up a pencil, but wouldn't know where to begin with a graphics package. Like most of you, I source my graphics from lots of different places, so I thought I'd bring you a few of my favourite clip art providers (sorry to any that I've left out - I love you all!):


Button   Photobucket

Thumbs Up to a New Doodle Site

Have you checked out Dollar Doodles? They have a huge range choice of clip art for every occasions, and everything on their site is permanently priced at just $1! Whizz across and take a look.

Stay warm and safe

Tried Amazon Prime?

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