Sunday, 10 March 2013

March and Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day - the day when you show your mother how much you appreciate her. My mother has gone off for lunch with friends... And where is my daughter? In bed! So much for Mother's Day! Luckily we don't put too much store by days like these - appreciation should be showed year-round, not just on one day. So, Happy Mother's Year to all you mums out there!


One day I'll do it... I'll manage to get my act together and post my Currently at the beginning of the month. I may even manage to get it in on the first of the month if I try really hard. I can't believe where this month has gone already. I haven't blogged since 17 February - how bad is that! Suddenly it's the 10th and I'm just getting my act together with my currently - it's nearly April already! Still, better late than never, eh..?
So here it is...

Listening: today is dull, grey and very cold. It falls short of snow but only just - they have forecast that for tomorrow. It's about 5 degrees outside, but the windchill factor is making it feel like minus 5! Just watching the weather through the French doors is making me shiver. Roll on summer!

Loving: in two weeks we will have our end of term break. Easter falls early this year, so although it's fantastic to have a five week half term, I just know we'll pay for it later in the year. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to two weeks of rest, peace, quiet, gym - and shopping!

Thinking: Now, I love my job. It's been great having a proper, regular wage in line with the national Teachers' Pay Agreement, instead of the very low wages of a supply teacher (I'll save that rant for another day...). It's also a real privilege teaching well over 120 children every week to read, speak and write in English. BUT - I miss not having a class of my own. I am very lucky that my current job is based in my home town (compared to my last job there is very little travelling involved), but this is a very small local authority area (only around 56,000 population), so teachers tend not to move around too much. Jobs here are few and far between. Hallelujah! One has come up and I really need to apply. But the application process here is so long winded - application form, personal statement, covering letter, shortlisting, interview, trial lesson, more interview - there's just no end to it. I really need to sit down and get the thing ready. Anyone want to help out...?

Wanting:  My regular readers will know that I don't bear well in the winter. This winter has been particularly hard to bear, as I suffered with some sort of horrible lurgy thing between the end of October and the middle of January! I thought it had packed its suitcase and headed for someone else, but not to be. It's back! Although I know that the gym will help, I just don't have the energy to get there. I need to motivate myself to lose some weight and get fit - perhaps then Mr Virus will finally get the message...

Needing:  My car has served me well. That said, I think I must have paid for it three times over when I take account of all the times it's been in the garage... It's a bit like a clown's car - you remember them from the circus, don't you? You know, the ones that do a few laps of the ring and then collapse flat on the floor in billows of smoke. So, it's time to start trawling the garages in the hope that I don't buy another puppy.. Watch this space.

Like, Love, Hate: I like spring because it means that the worst of the winter has passed and there are good things to come. I've planted lots of little bulbs that are just starting to poke their way through the ground - can't wait! I love blogging because I've been really lucky to meet lots of wonderful people along the way. There are thousands of miles between some of us, but blogging brings us all closer. Now for my hate - drivers! Not all drivers, you understand, but I have noticed a huge change in the way people are driving recently. Running red lights (they seem to think it's ok for three or four cars to go through on a red...), jumping junctions, negotiating roundabouts with mobile phones pressed to their ears (how on earth..??!?), driving the wrong way down a one way road - the list is endless. And the powers that be don't seem bothered. Perhaps I've missed my vocation...?

Until next time...

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