Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fancy a FREE Gift Card?

A fun way to brush up your language skills

Don't you just love those wonderful people over at Educents? 

From time to time I'm lucky enough to be asked to review some of the fantastic products on offer on the site (if you haven't managed to take a look around, then what are you waiting for...? Click here to take you there..

As a languages specialist, I'm always interested in anything to do with languages. So I immediately offered to take a peek at GamesforLanguage. 


Developed by a team of specialists qualified in their chosen languages, GamesforLanguage is a programme that helps with language learning. It is aimed at beginners who like a challenge, adult and teens who already have some background in the chosen language, and learners who want a fun way to complement another course, want an affordable but effective programme, are looking for useful langugae based on real situations and those who tune out lengthy grammar explanations.
Playing language games makes the learning process fun. Memorising vocabulary, phrases and sentences, identifying grammar rules and structure all happen organically as players test and improve their language skills during increasingly challenging games. 

I couldn't wait to get started!
The website is colourful and easy to navigate, and as it has been designed specifically for teens and adults, the games are appealing and pitched at the right level. 
You get to choose between English for Spanish speakers, German, Italian and Spanish. Each course has 36 lessons consisting of a conversation and games that help you to learn the language of everyday life, or help you to refresh your dormant language skills. 
I already had some knowledge of German (we are talking just a smidgeon over 30 years ago!), so that's where I started. I played the first level and found it very easy. Repetition of key words and phrases helped with my learning process, and engaging games kept me interested. I was pleasantly surprised at how much German I managed to dredge up...
Despite having a solid grounding in Latin, Italian is one language that has managed to evade me. On holiday on the Amalfi Coast, I could barely pick up a word (which is most unusual for me...). So my next quest was to see whether GamesforLanguage could help.
Again, using the same games with the same level of repetition, I was able to complete level 1 with a huge score of 223 out of 226! Remarkable! I will definitely be moving on to level 2 and further in my bid to pick up some Italiano..
GamesforLanguage is well worth a look - I can highly recommend it as an invaluable tool in language learning. It is currently available on Educents at a massive discount of 43% - you'll love the huge savings and the chance to brush up your language skills or learn a new language. Click the picture to find out more.


Now for your FREE $5 gift card..!

It's not often you get something for nothing, especially when it's something worth having. So my good friends at Educents have come up trumps again. 
Get a FREE $5 gift card to use on Educents.com just by signing up to their mailing list (there is no requirement to create an account on Educents.com). You'll be the first to know about their great deals, special events and new products! PLUS you'll save up to 90% on the educational products you know and love (and maybe some you've never even heard about!). This offer is only for new sign-ups. Click on the picture below to find out more.

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