Monday, 22 July 2013

Are You Getting Ready To Go Back..? It's FREEBIE Time..!

So when do you go back to school? I still haven't broken for the summer - I have just one more morning and then it's freedom for 6 whole weeks!!! Woop woop woop! The weather seems to be holding, so it looks like I'll have at least one or two fine days during this summer..

Winding down for me is a busy process (work that one out..). It's not just a case of switching off until September. Oh no, I'm one of those people who can't be without work.. I've been busy today working out what I'm going to do over the summer. I've got my blog planner all ready to fill out with all those ideas that have been buzzing around in my head for months. And today, in between pulling weeds, watering cabbage and planting out hanging baskets, I managed to complete two new products - drum roll please... ddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Here goes!

Fall Critter Open House/Orientation Slideshow

I've been astounded by the amount of interest in my Open House/orientation slideshows. I have to admit that I've thoroughly enjoyed making these, especially the pirate and carnival themed ones. I have so many ideas for more (not to mention so many fantastic graphics waiting in my folders). So today seemed like the perfect time to make a start on my Fall Critter theme.

There is no feeling quite like when your child starts school for the first time, or moves to a new class. Teachers arrange their classes in different ways and have different procedures and policies for homework, class management, behaviour etc. There are lots of questions that parents want answering, and Open House/orientation is a great time to meet the new teacher and find out a little about what the new school year will bring for their child. They also want to know how they can help their child and how they can help you...

This slideshow contains  all the information you need to pass on to parents - from classroom expectations to grading policies, to what you will be teaching across the year. From field trips to special event. From science to writer's workshop. From morning arrival to afternoon dismissal. It's all there.

This slideshow can also be adapted to suit older students.

The cute Fall Critter theme is sure to appeal to all children, and is fully editable to suit your needs. Built-in animation sequences automatically advance each slide after 15 secnds, or on the click of the mouse. It has also been set up to play on a loop so that you don't have to worry about it at Open House, and parents can get all the information they need.

It has 30 slides, including a blank slide for your own headers. The slideshow comes with full instructions on how to edit. All fonts have been embedded. Click any of the pictures for more information.

Fall Critters Labels/Name Plates

So I thought I'd make some matching items to go with the slideshow. I came up with these little cuties - a set of desk/name plates and classroom labels. They are fully editable and would look great in your classroom.

  You can download a FREEBIE here 

and pick up more information about the full pack by clicking on the pictures.

All of my resources are also available in UK/Canadian/Australian English - just ask...

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