Tuesday, 27 August 2013

An Apology and a Giveaway

..fixing my mistakes from yesterday...

Ok, ok, so it was late and I wanted to get my post up. That'll teach me - working until 1.30am is definitely not good for me, for you or for my products. So I'll try not to do it again... (try, I said...)

Anyway, what am I going on about? Well, I managed to get all 6 of my Reading "I Can" statements and checklists finished last night and in my excitement to share them with you I probably didn't do a very good job of showing them off .. (never been good at blowing my own trumpet - and I'm still getting my head around the wonders of Powerpoint 13).

So bear with me if you got it yesterday. let's try again..

I thought that something was missing from all those wonderful products out there - a checklist that could be used by teachers and children alike. So I made one.

Each pack from Kindergarten to Grade 5 includes child-friendly I Can statements that can be used on your display boards, given to children as visual reminders, or pasted into the front of notebooks. Also included is a handy checklist covering each of the standards - great to see at a glance which standards have been met and which ones need work.

Here are the links to my TPT shop again:


 In my TN shop I'm giving away a copy of the Kindergarten "I Can" pack absolutely free! Hop on over to join in - closing date 31 August...
Common Core Kindergarten "I Can" Statements and Checklists Reading
Good luck!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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